Couples Therapist Scottsdale | Phoenix

What is Couples Therapy?

Marriage/couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that can help couples of strengthen their emotional connection, recognize and resolve conflict, and improve their relationships. Counseling can help couples of any background and in every stage of their relationship, including those who are co-habitating, planning to marry, or in some cases couples who are in the process of making the decision to part ways. Therapy sessions are usually held with both partners in attendance, where the therapist serves as a neutral party to support the couple as they gain a better understanding of each other. In therapy, you can address topics including but not limited to communication issues, sexual difficulties, parenting differences, repairing and building trust, infidelity, fertility issues, miscarriage, loss, pre-marital counseling and more. Couples counseling is also beneficial to help partners who are supporting their loved ones through addiction or a mental health diagnosis.

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