Dr. Audra Horney, Ph.D., Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Director

Dr. Audra Horney is a licensed psychologist and the Clinical Psychology Director at Shier Private Practice. She works with teens, adults, and couples, and is specialized in anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder, grief, relationships, substance use, and perinatal mental health. She has a strong background in cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and emotion-focused therapies. Dr. Horney is passionate about empowering her clients to create meaningful change in their lives. She shows up authentically for her clients, with humor and humility, and hopes her clients feel safe to do the same.

Professional Credentials

Undergraduate Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.A. Psychology, B.A. Women’s Studies

Graduate Education
University of Oregon, Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
University of Miami, M.S.Ed. Mental Health Counseling

Doctoral Internship / Residency
Arizona State University, Doctoral Internship
Arizona State University, Postdoctoral Residency

State of Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners
Multistate Licensure via PSYPACT

Professional Organizations
American Psychological Association

Individual Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an integrative approach to mental health treatment which is rooted in the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and client. Otherwise referred to as talk therapy, psychotherapy allows for an open, supportive dialogue focused on identifying and changing thought patterns/behaviors that may be affecting one’s mental wellness.

Couples Therapy

Marriage/couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that can help couples of strengthen their emotional connection, recognize and resolve conflict, and improve their relationships. Counseling can help couples of any background and in every stage of their relationship, including those who are co-habitating, planning to marry, or in some cases couples who are in the process of making the decision to part ways.